Command Trailer Build, WICEN

WICEN Central Coast Command Trailer Build Project


A joint project by the RCO Glenn VK2GEM and Mark VK2CCR

CC WICEN had an old box trailer that had seen better days. It was starting to show real signs of age, plenty of surface rust and was looking pretty unkempt. Just looking at it made looking at it made you feel like you needed a tetanus shot. It was decided just before the COVID lockdown early in 2020 to work some magic and rebuild the trailer into a command base that could be used for exercises throughout the year.

The trailer was relocated to Mark’s residence where it could be easily accessed by both Glenn and Mark and the COVID restrictions gave us plenty of time to work on and off in bursts over a few weeks.  The rebuild started with a major cleanup of the rusty surfaces with a wire brush, a coat of primer and a total respray of Woodland Grey epoxy enamel paint, which should fix the rust problems for a few years. Then the wheels were cleaned up and painted. That in itself made it look like new!

THE VISION: to build a camper trailer that would have room for a command base, a downtime meeting space for the guys and accommodation space if needed.

Glenn sourced a camper tent designed for trailer mounting, which had barely been used. It is rather large and could sleep around a dozen friendly people if needed or even more in an emergency (or when social distancing is not mandated).  The tent is made from heavy duty canvas and provided it is fastened down securely should handle some strong wind just fine. For radio operations there is more than enough room to set up 3 or 4 stations if needed. The camper frame has been adapted to the trailer and it tilts up to allow access to storage. Mark has towed the trailer with the camper mounted and it tows with no issues.

Work is still ongoing as time and weather allows. Work currently in progress is the fitting of two rear stabilizer legs, storage boxes, and electrical needs are still to be worked out.

Not the end, to be continued.