Wicen Digital Modes Intro


WICEN NSW has been experimenting with message and traffic handling using digital HF modes, namely JS8Call and Winlink. This was initiated by Jan VK2FEB and is held via a weekly Monday night Googlemeet session at 2100 hours local. The details for joining have been circulated by the VRA email address allocated by WICEN.

Download and other useful links are as follows:


This is typically used for keyboard to keyboard contacts direct or via a relay for message handling or a QSO. The mode is error free and can transfer data down to   -20dB. In other words, when conditions are extremely marginal and voice is not possible without many errors and retransmissions.

Home page               http://js8call.com/    

Download link          http://files.js8call.com/latest.html

(all distros)

Getting started          http://js8call.com/js8call-getting-started/

Help                            http://js8call.com/help/


Primary use is for email transfers and binary/ASCII file attachments, when required.

This is achieved using various HF modes with built-in error checking. Modes used are Packet, Winmor, ARDOP, VARA, VARA FM, Pactor and IRIDIUM GO. Some of the modes will automatically fall back to a slower speed with bad conditions or  increase when improved, on the current link.

Email can be sent to any email address and retrieve any Winlink email. This can be sent via gateway stations on HF or VHF, locally, interstate or globally. There is provision for gateway callsigns to be updated, including frequencies, modes used and probability (quality) of a connection, relative to distance and ionosphere predictions.

Email or a message addressed to a callsign directly, can also be sent to another operator via a method called peer to peer.

Home Page               https://winlink.org/

Download link          https://winlink.org/WinlinkExpress

(about half way down the page)

Getting started          https://winlink.org/content/winlink_book_knowledge

(and other useful information)


Peter VK2EHQ

JS8Call Guide PDF