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WICEN Frequencies

The following frequencies are allocated on a national basis for WICEN use. As with all assignments within amateur bands, the actual frequency used on any particular occasion is +/- QRM. This list is derived from the WIA bandplan as at June 2004. Note that frequencies other than these are also used, particularly for permanent repeaters and packet use where multiple packet channels are required.

Band Frequency Modulation Notes
80 metres3.600 MHzLSB
40 metres7.075 MHzLSB
30 metres10.115 MHzUSB
20 metres14.125 MHzUSB
17 metres18.150 MHzUSB
15 metres21.190 MHzUSB
12 metres24.950 MHzUSB
10 metres28.450 MHzUSB
Band Frequency Modulation Notes
6 metres53.150 MHzFMVoice Simplex (National)
2 metres145.200 MHzFM/AFSKWICEN Packet
2 metres147.125 MHzFMWICEN Repeaters (NSW and Qld)
2 metres147.150 MHzFMWICEN Repeaters (NSW and Qld)
2 metres147.150 MHzFMWICEN Repeaters (National)
2 metres147.500 MHzFMWICEN Primary Simplex
Band Frequency Modulation Notes
70 centimetres433.800 MHzFMVoice Simplex
70 centimetres438.275 MHzFMWICEN Portable Repeaters
70 centimetres438.625 MHzFMWICEN Portable Repeaters
70 centimetres438.800 MHzFMVoice Simplex
70 centimetres439.925 MHzFMWICEN Portable Repeaters
70 centimetres439.975 MHzFMWICEN Portable Repeaters
23 centimetres1293.650 MHzFMWICEN Portable Repeaters
23 centimetres1293.750 MHzFMWICEN Portable Repeaters
23 centimetres1294.800 MHzFMVoice Simplex
13 centimetres2425.800 MHzFMVoice Simplex